Welcome to the Q1 Expert Roundtable

Hello and thank you for registering for the Expert version of Get a Grip on the Value of Your Business Roundtable. Here are the things we want you to know.

Discover how this program can be used to serve your current business owner clients and attract potential clients. Specifically,

  • Understanding the Business Market
  • Common and Frequent Exit Planning Issues
  • Conversation Starters for Business Owners
  • Product and Service Opportunities
  • Building Your Network

This Expert version of the Roundtable is designed to model the experience your clients will encounter: live sessions with online learning sandwiched between.

  • The online learning builds the awareness your business owners need to transition out of their business with success. This generates opportunities for you to help them with their situations.
  • The Open Roundtable discussions give owners a place to assimilate and apply the material. They can confidentially ask and answer questions with other owners in a large, nationally-dispersed audience. Facilitators answer general questions and direct owners to you for follow-up specific to their circumstances.

Your Roundtable lasts four weeks compared to the owners’ Roundtable of seven weeks. Details are included below, briefly:

  • Live gatherings (over Zoom) are Wednesdays, 8 – 9:30 AM Central, starting January 20th.
  • Please set aside at least two hours for the online learning each week.

Next Steps
Watch for additional messages from the facilitators with details about Zoom, the workbook, and your next steps to prepare. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions:

Our schedule looks like this:
1/20 8-9:30 AM CT  | Discussion Session 0

  • Reveal the Market for Business Owners

at your convenience  | Online Learning ~ 2 hours

  • Module 1 How much is my business worth?
  • Module 2 How much money will I need?

1/27 8-9:30 AM CT | Discussion Session 1

  • Define Your Target Owner
  • Build Your Network
  • How to Engage Owners on Modules 1 and 2

at your convenience | Online Learning ~ 2 hours

  • Module 3 Where and how do I start
  • Module 4 What if I need more money from my business?

2/3 8-9:30 AM CT | Discussion Session 2

  • Specify Services & Packages
  • Find Clients
  • How to Engage Owners on Modules 3 and 4

at your convenience | Online Learning ~ 2 hours

  • Module 5 How does the transition process work?
  • Module 6 What else do I need to know?

2/10 8-9:30 AM CT | Discussion Session 3

  • How to Engage Owners on Modules 5 and 6
  • Use Get-a-Grip to Build Practice
  • Next Steps

See you soon!